Project “Frames of Happiness”. Review

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Project “Frames of Happiness”. Review

I recently returned from the training course «Frames of Happiness», which took place from 26 August to 4 September in Vadul Lui Voda, Moldova. 2 weeks have already passed but we are still impressed.
All 9 days of training were varied and interesting. The main objective of the project was to talk about the problems of children with the help of videos and photos. The topic was approached by orginizers quite seriously, at first had very intense training with famous Moldovan photographer, and after a trip to the ordinary Moldovan village, where children do not live in the best conditions. And if we, Ukrainians, got used to such situation, the participants from Western Europe were really shocked. Despite this, all volunteers enjoyed playing with the children and giving some gifts to them and they posed to replace the photo and video. As a result we have 6 touching videos about the problems of child abandonment, about their hopes and dreams. All videos can be watched here –
The training was attended by volunteers from 8 countries, so every night we had was a special cultural ones. We danced Norwegian and Armenian dances, gulped pita bread, drank Spanish Sangria, all were treated with dumplings and forced to sing “Ty zh mene pіdmanula.” We had so much impressions !
I never would probably not visited Moldova, if didn`t participate in this project. But now we know why in Chisinau we can not cross the road even on a green light, what is Dupa and how to eat mamaliga in correct way!
Thank you “Rodyna” for the opportunity and support, thanks to the organizers Vergiliu Grosu and Alexander Post for the excellent facilities and interesting program!

Project “Road to Inclusion”. Review

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Project “Road to Inclusion”. Review

Just returned from international educational project, which this time was held in the Czech Republic (Zlobiche).
The event was dedicated to the topic of social exclusion, adaptation, socialization so it was called “Road to inclusion”. Organizers collected participants from several countries for studying and discussion of this problem it was: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Poland, Belarus and Romania. We had total 30 people. For me it was the most large-scale project as previous one gathered from 10 to 20 members.
However it didn`t affecte the quality of the organization of the event (in a positive sense).

It was a wonderful experience of international communication with representatives of different countries on different subjects, such as social problems, policy, domestic issues. This project really focused all participants to the question “Just imagine yourself in the place of … Disabled (mental / physical).” And everybody was really thinking about it … We had a week to realize once again that this is really a problem that does not need to be avoided and which need to be solved, by helping each other!

For me it was a moral project whose task was to make people forget thinking about their problems.
Thank you NGO Rodyna for delegating me to the Czech Republic and gave the opportunity to present it and Ukraine, learn a lot, gain valuable and unforgettable experience!

To the new achievements!

Project “Social entrepreneurship as a tool for social inclusion”. Review

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Project “Social entrepreneurship as a tool for social inclusion”. Review

I hasten to share with you the impressions from participation in TC «Social entrepreneurship as a tool for social inclusion», which took place in 40 km from the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. That was incredible! First of all, it was a pleasure for the Ukrainian team to meet with participants from Italy, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Slovakia, and, of course, Croatia. As soon as I saw these guys, I realized – time to turn off the Wi-fi and catch the opportunity of dialogue and inter-ethnic cultural exchange.

In addition to fascinating conversations and discussions, presentations of our countries during the cultural evening, during the week we were able to learn more about the opportunities offered by the  Erasmus + program, examined the theoretical basis for the development and functioning of the social enterprise, visited the company “Humana Nova”, which operates in this topic, and even suggested the idea of ​​such a project and thenwe was working on our business plans for the further implementation in our countries.

I`m very thankful to NGO «Rodyna» for such a great chance to visit a new country for me, to broaden the horizons and share my experiences with other participants of the project! As well as all our Ukrainian team, you guys are really «dream-team»! So now it`s time to act using all the experience and wealth of knowledge on this topic, developing and strengthening the foundations of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine! Review by Maryna Mats.

Project “Outdoor generation”. Review

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Project “Outdoor generation”. Review

This summer I was fortunate to become a member of cool training «Outdoor generation», that has the unforgettable held in Armenia July 10-18. I am very grateful to the organizers of this project, and Erasmus + Programme which funded the event.

Training that took place in the”outdoor”  formatwere incredibly helpful to everybody, and partial absence of civilization induced plunge into the project, communicate and share experiences. Those relations, contacts and meetings become a good foundation for the development of novices and a good experience for the advanced members of our multinational team.

It was my first experience of international projectsand it impressed me a lot. Normally I behaveskeptically to training and not give them much hope. However, our coaches Helen and George fulfilled a tremendous piece of work and made a very interesting program. Custom tasks knocked us out of the comfort A reduction and forced to think in unusual directions. Especially high quality, in my opinion, made the task of teambuilding. I do not even remember how many hours we said goodbye to each other …

One of our goals was – move away from standard achievements of civilization and become closer to nature. I do not know whether it was possible for it to choose a better country than Armenia. Its climate and unsurpassed nature really forced not to think about everyday things and just enjoy those views we saw every morning, based on their tents. By the way, is also a great idea – to live in tents; This allowed us to be closer to nature and spend more time with each other, no tent hotel room – sit in it nothing 🙂

Remain forever in the memory of night hikes, raising mountains, national cultural evenings, active play, creative solutions, the best birthday of my life and hospitable Armenians who did all their best for us to enjoy the prosess.

In my opinion, every participant of this project brought something useful for himself. Someone finally has started the work on a project that hung somewhere in thought, somebody is going to find like-minded people and orginize its international program. As for me I also acquired skills, currently bringing it to my professional activities.

Thank you, Rodyna team for excellent opportunities for active citizens.

Review by Natalia.

Project “Guide For Emloyment”. Review

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Project “Guide For Emloyment”. Review

Review of one of the participants of the training, Tatiana: “I recently returned from training” Guide For Emloyment “, which took place from 23-30 May in Bakuriani, Georgia.

I can easily say that it was one of the best week of my life since I gained a valuable experience and new impressions. Such projects allow you to meet different and undoubtedly interesting people from other countries. They have created the atmosphere of warmth and openness, that we felt every day. During the cultural evening where each country presented itself, we learned as historical and contemporary facts, tasting traditional dishes and drinks.

Every day we learned something new, how to work as a team, listen to lectures, presentations on how to write a resume, cover letter, how to put SMART goal in our lifes. We were able to improve their ability to present themselves, because we had his own “moment of glory” that, within one minute of each participant made a report to the public.

Unforgettable impressions left a visit to a school in Bacuriani where we conducted classes for children, because they are as open and sincere that I wanted to help them and just spend time with them.

We not only learned about Erasmus +, but also learned how to write our own projects, so I am convinced that one day we will make all our plans come true.

I am very grateful NGO «Rodyna», which was given the opportunity to attend such an interesting and useful project where you acquire new knowledge, new friends and practicing your level of English, which is equally important. “

Project “Discover countryside via being active”. Review

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Project “Discover countryside via being active”. Review

One more fantastic summer is coming to the end but I am not sad (!), because it has brought me a lot of positive unforgettable moments, exciting friends, crazy adventures and priceless experience which I will never forget.
I am particularly fascinated about a wonderful week in Estonia July 21-28 where I participated as a team leader in Youth Exchange “Discover countryside via being active”. This event gathered 32 extremely motivated, creative and active participants from Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany and Italy who became my close friends and my inspiration. The YE helped us to develop our inter-cultural, social and dancing skills as well as built up competences in rural entrepreneurship and organizing outdoor activities. To tell the truth, I have never thought that I can be good at pottery or blacksmithing, upcycling or bread baking, hiking in Estonian woods or preparing teambuilding activity. The project gave an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, experience challenge and happiness of discovering something new in diverse international community, with different points of view, ideas, cultural and social backgrounds. I have learnt how to put up a military tent, how to speak primitive Estonian, how to play new board games and get lost in Tallinn. The project also gave me an awesome chance to meet old friends and see how my ideas about healthy lifestyle project were implemented.
I am so delighted that I represented Ukraine and our NGO “Rodyna” on such a stunning project and I hope that more and more positive, curious and super active youngsters will take part in such events, broaden the horizon and make new friends!

Review by Irina Peprik

Children with disabilities will hold a flash mob singing to the International Children’s Day!

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Children with disabilities will hold a flash mob singing to the International Children’s Day!

NGO “Family” with hypermarket “Auchan Kiltseva” and the National Choir “Dnepr” of National University of Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv organized a grand flash mob for Children’s Day.

Our permanent partner hypermarket “Auchan Kiltseva ” on the occasion of Children’s Day holds a unique art event “Hear Me!”, which will include exhibition “I will tell you … Mom!” – which demonstrate nonverbal children NGO “Family” with severe disabilities who are studying alternative ways of communication – through cards “PEX”. You will see real emotions of the child, who was understood and heard the first time in his life.

The photo exhibit will be held in June.

Location: hypermarket “Auchan Kiltseva ” Velika Kiltseva str. 4, trading room.

Opening stocks: June 1, 2015

Accreditation for media is required.

The grand flash mob – in the trading floor of hypermarket “Ashan Kiltseva ” disabled children and their parents, and staff of “Ashan Kiltseva ” will perform dance and sing inflammatory song accompanied by live folk choir singing. The event will take place in front of all visitors of the hypermarket.

The initial number of participants – 200 people.

Flash mob will start at 19:00 by Kyiv time.

We invite everybody to participate!

For participation and accreditation contact the project coordinator:

Constance Boris

Tel.: 0672185036.

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On 4 of April, 2015 NGO “Rodyna” organized a long-awaited meeting of volunteers and staff. The reason of the meeting was to present and disseminate ideas and impact of past project in Moldova “One day of difference” that was implement in October last year. The meeting was conducted in the form of training using methods of non formal education as brainstorming, discussion, presentation of the results of the project – video clips about children from orphanages and some photos as well. Participants learned about the activities of the organization and met with wonderful children and parents from our organization. Also we were talking about social inclusion and methods of promoting this topic. We were watching the videos, we create during the project and plan future action for implement the point of the project – social exclusion. The atmosphere of the event was incredibly friendly and pleasant. It is important that the organization has volunteers not only Kyiv, but also from Zaporozhye and Kharkov. So we are open to all Ukraine (and not only Ukraine). An Important impact of the training course One Day of Differences is other project we held now in Kiev about social exclusion children with disabilities from school education system in our country. Using video as a tool to promote inclusion education in schools of Ukraine. The project we had in Moldova last year was a great start and base to work on other projects and ideas we do for now. Go ahead!

Children who do not speak have received voice thanks to the “Auchan for young people”

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Children who do not speak have received voice thanks to the “Auchan for young people”

NGO “Rodyna” from Kyiv has received support from the Foundation “Auchan youth” in the project alternative communication “I`ve understood” for children with complex disabilities in the development and for those who don`t speak!

One of the most important human needs – is communication. Imagine that we have closed our mouth and we have no way of verbal express our needs or bring our mind. In this situation, we will seek our actions to draw attention to ourselves and others near us, most likely, it will be some destructive behavior or movements. Persons who live this way from childhood and have no other way to express in our country, unfortunately, are considered “moron” … No one asks why and how you can make a difference in what way to offer an alternative. Children with severe disturbances in their development and can`t speak, doomed to unanimous opinion of doctors – “it`s a plant “and let it live in a closed special care institutions.” These children are “unpromising” in our country.

But we, the parents from NGO “Rodyna” who raise these children don`t thing like this. We have the opposite opinion! Our children are wonderful and they have the right to live in society, have the right to study and learn alternative ways of communicating and interacting with the world! Unfortunately, we can`t wait another ten years for changes in the approach to the rehabilitation of children in Ukraine. So we teach them by ourselves.

Fund “Auchan Youth” supported our desire to give these children a chance to communicate and be adapted to the society and environment with maximum level of comfort. Children can learn how to speak on special plates which have necessary software for their comfortable existence outdoor and in the social field. We will show by our own example for the doctors and other parents that to give kids a chance – means to change the quality of life and eliminate doom!

If you are faced with similar problems, be sure, you are not alone! At the store “Auchan” which is on the st. Velika Okrujna 4, Kyiv, we have created a number of social events that create positive change at this stage of life of children and their parents. Parents learn how to go out into the world with the child, without regard to the views of humiliating others. Children adapt to society and to the various activities.

For example, these children and their parents are shopping, bake cookies, paint pictures, make surprises with volunteers from the store. All these little events lay in the minds of children to a positive experience and fight against the fears of the unknown. And now when we are going to “Auchan” the whole crowd of children expects only the best there.

We thank the Foundation “Auchan youth” conscious of their social and corporate responsibility. Because the organization supports presents and believes in an opportunity to improve the quality of life for our children. Thank you!

We invite all concerned people and companies to join the social development of further measures to create new opportunities and destroy harmful stereotypes of our society. Let’s spread the idea and be kind to the world!

Each partial to this problem sincerely invited to be a volunteer.

To contact

Alexander Posivnych,

tel: 0984254618. 0502849141.


profile in FB: Aleksandra Posivnich

Art events in “Ashan”

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Art events in “Ashan”

The trip to Ashan for our children has become a joyous event. They know that only rewarding occupation is waiting for them! So it was this time on 14 February. It was a special day, a day of tenderness which inspired creativity and positive. To detect such emotions 2 pictures were prepared for children in which they worked with great enthusiasm and painted from the heart. Fun colors, pain which was pleasant to the touch that and we went from kid`s palms on canvas, mixed up and poured in new colors. It was impossible to detach children from the process. Then artists removed the stencil and we saw: silhouette of city with flying angel and a picture with the logo “Auchan”. After drying our volunteers artists fail the final touches and unique masterpiece is ready. These paintings will be donated to “Ashan” and in their opinion may be sold at auction.

Dear Philippe, Ms. Constant, Sir Alex, Mr. Dmitry all employees and volunteers are sincerely grateful to you for the best event! For photos we are thankful to Ms. Marina Jaremenko, Director of photosalon “Tsifra”! See you soon, dear friends!