Posted on 18 May 2015 in Articles

On 4 of April, 2015 NGO “Rodyna” organized a long-awaited meeting of volunteers and staff. The reason of the meeting was to present and disseminate ideas and impact of past project in Moldova “One day of difference” that was implement in October last year. The meeting was conducted in the form of training using methods of non formal education as brainstorming, discussion, presentation of the results of the project – video clips about children from orphanages and some photos as well. Participants learned about the activities of the organization and met with wonderful children and parents from our organization. Also we were talking about social inclusion and methods of promoting this topic. We were watching the videos, we create during the project and plan future action for implement the point of the project – social exclusion. The atmosphere of the event was incredibly friendly and pleasant. It is important that the organization has volunteers not only Kyiv, but also from Zaporozhye and Kharkov. So we are open to all Ukraine (and not only Ukraine). An Important impact of the training course One Day of Differences is other project we held now in Kiev about social exclusion children with disabilities from school education system in our country. Using video as a tool to promote inclusion education in schools of Ukraine. The project we had in Moldova last year was a great start and base to work on other projects and ideas we do for now. Go ahead!