Memories from few days in Rodyna (diary)

Posted on 22 January 2021 in Articles, Blog

Memories from few days in Rodyna (diary)

I am writing this article a few months first.

So I’d like to share the things that have happened to me at Rodyna. I remember the walks with the children in the park next to the school. Those were good times because the children could see other things and other people, especially for Ira and Dima who were having fun with animals and particularly with pigeons.

I remember Rodyna’s anniversary. If I am not mistaken it was the 20 anniversary of school. For the occasion, there were some cakes for everyone. Lots of people from partner companies visited us as well. I also remember the rehearsals for the Christmas show. It was very complicated to deal with the children because they all had different roles. But it was fun.

Regarding my personal development compared with the beginning, I can say that my skills improved. Now I know the children and we can get on well. Also I can handle a lot more complicated situations as nervous breakdown (with Kolia and Lev for example). Moreover, I anticipate quite easily dangerous actions (climb on the chair, eat everything they can find, …). I learned a lot about children’s background and I was touch a lot. I got on well particularly with Ira who smiles when she sees me, Dima who spends his time teasing me to play with him, …

I obtained some new skills during these few months like patience, self-control, analyzing to better understand the children and their reactions. This is great experience 🙂